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Good Parenting:Things A Father Should Do To His Children

Every couple’s desire is to become a parent but raising kids is one of the most challenging task you can ever come across as a parent. Having children is one of the greatest joy you can ever have and raising them should be a privilege not a burden. father and son relationshipAs a father, you probably have the greatest role when it comes to parenting and that is why in this article, we are going to highlight some of the essential things you should do to your children. Here are the most essential things that you should do to your children:

Love Them

This is one of the greatest thing you can ever do to your children. Learn how to express your love and show it to them. Your children need your love more than the monetary presents you can give them. Your children will often believe that no man in the whole world can love them the way you do. No one in the world can replace you when it comes to security and confidence. Your children may disappoint you, make mistakes, and at times be arrogant as they grow up but you should never give them any reason to doubt your love for them no matter. Encourage them to grow up in the right way and never forget to remind them how much you love them.

Love Their Mother

Most children watch how you treat their mother and may in one way or the other emulate your ways in future. Always show them that you love their mother and that you value your marriage. Even though you are making efforts to be the best dad ever, never forget your personal life. Take your wife out for a date, watch a movie together or plan a weekend trip without the kids. You should always show your kids that your wife is your first priority. This is not only important when it comes to strengthening your marriage, but also helps your kids develop a positive attitude towards marriage itself.improving father son relationships

Educate Your Children

It goes without say that education is the key to success and educating your kids is one of the greatest things you can ever do to your children. Education help equip your children with the knowledge and relevant skills that will define who they are in the society. Always strive to give them the best education and support them along the way as they advance to various levels of education.

Though there are several other things you can do to your children as a father, these are the essential things that they may need as they grow up through to adulthood. It is your responsibility too as a father to ensure your children get the best upbringing.

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10 Ways to Improve The Relationship Between Father and Son

A perfect father-son relationship can be very difficult to build and maintain. Fathers and sons usually do not associate with one another, especially if they might have diverse interests.

father son activities Oftentimes the male inclination not to speak about their feelings comes in and inhibits the relationship from developing even more. However, there are a few key things that can improve the relationship between father and son. Here are some of the ways that can help improve father and son relationship:

  1. Develop common interest

Developing a common interest with your son can have a positive impact on your relationship. Doing something that you both take pleasure in doing will help you and your son get together and grow the relationship. Find time to hang out together and identify some of the activities you enjoy doing together as they can become an excellent bonding session.

  1. Listen to each other

Listen is a great virtue in communication. You may not understand each other if you do not listen to each other. In most cases, parents have a tendency of listening to kids at the beginning of the story and then rushing to conclude it. If you want to develop a good relationship with your son, always be ready to listen to them as they hate it when they are not taken seriously.

  1. Have a one on one time

During this time, your son should be the main focus and nothing should distract you. This will help him know that you care about him and you would want to know more about him.

  1. Set some guidelines

For anything good to happen in life, there must be set rules and guidelines. Being a relaxed parent and acting friendly even in bad situations will ruin your relationship rather than improving it. Clearly explain to your son what you expect from him and the possible punishments for going against the rules.father son projects to build

  1. Confront their mistakes in a calm way

Kids are bound to make mistakes at any given time but that does not mean you should scream or talk angrily to them. Politely explain to them why you are disappointed in them and listen to their side of story. Have a calm approach when confronting them as well as when disciplining them.

  1. Be involved and show up

According to statistics, fathers are often less present in their kid’s life and this includes events. Be present for your son. Attend most of the events he participates in such as sports matches, prize giving day or concert performance. Making him your first priority is an excellent way of bonding and strengthening your relationship.

Solve problems together.

Much often, your son will come to you with loads of problems asking for your assistance because he believes in you and trusts you to help him. Show him that you are there for him and that he shouldn’t feel lonely when he encounters a problem.

  1. Know that you are his role model

This is probably the most important thing to do. In most cases, your son will learn by watching what you do. Understanding how much you influence will make you take it more seriously and build a strong and useful relationship.

  1. Identify his weakness and help strengthen them

Despite all the judgments thrown at boys from their friends, it is essential that you appreciate the little they have done. Show approval for the little things they have managed to achieve and help them succeed in areas of their weakness. Constant encouragement helps build relationship and help your son ignore all the negative confrontation they encounter in their life.

  1. Always communicate with your son

Communication is an important aspect of building a strong relationship not only with your son but almost everybody. Find time to talk to your son and let him tell you everything about his life, all the challenges he is facing and perhaps some of the best moments he has experienced while you were away. This will help bring him closer to you and enhance the relationship.

      10. Give up the control

The role of every father is to help his son become a man. So, teach your son how to become a productive man and let him take control of his life. Advise him on the right path to follow and let him choose among the available options. This will show how much love you have for him and help strengthen your relationship.

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Things To Know When Dating As A Single Father

It must be a tough decision to welcome a new partner in your life. If you are divorced, it must have been a traumatizing experience for you as it always results to stressful debate especially when it comes to the custody of your children or how you share your properties and the endless argument, the argument who should take the most blame as both of you know that you shared in the reasons why your marriage didn’t work out.

single dad


If your marriage didn’t work the way you imagined it to be, it doesn’t mean that it will not work in another woman. There are a lot of factors why couples get a divorce. One is the partnership that is no longer working no matter how you try hard. There are differences in personalities that each of you couldn’t tolerate. If another woman can’t tolerate some of your habits, then another woman will. You just have to go and find her. Date.

If you are already dating, then that’s a good start but you should know that as a single father, it will be a different journey. There are things that you should look for in every woman of prospect you date. This is not to suggest that you should be picky in doing so. This is just to remind you that you have children to take care of and you want your next marriage to work until you and you’re partner are 70. What are those?


  1. Let her know who you really are

In the getting to know stage, take the courage to tell her what your real status is. Tell her about your kids and their cute names. When the time is right, let her know how everything’s going on with your ex-wife. Women appreciate a man who is honest and that sends her a signal that you respect her, her boundaries and her personal standards.

Don’t dare to start a relationship that is based on lies because when everything gets serious and the lies came flying right in front of her, then the relationship you had with her could crumble. It is better for you to know if the woman in front of you would sign up for your current status early on than investing feelings only to find out that she’s not really into you saving yourself from a possible heartache and frustration at least.


  1. Make sure that she is willing to take your children as her own

Your kids are forever your kids and as a dad, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are being surrounded by good people. When you have finally found that partner, make sure that she will love your children as much as she will love her own.

How will you know if she’s capable of that? You can see it randomly on the way she treats people around her especially kids. If she is compassionate and caring person towards a stranger then she can be extra compassionate and caring to the people close to her and eventually your kids will be included in the circle of her important people.


  1. She should be somebody matured

It is important that the woman you are with when you’re a single dad is a full grown woman. That means, she is matured enough to understand that as a dad, you have responsibilities and fatherly commitments. You should reach that feeling where the attention that you give your kids and the attention you give her is not a stressful competition and that your world couldn’t revolve solely for her simply because you’re trying to be a good father and her support should be on that.


  1. She must be a team player

This is a characteristic that most men in any status are looking for. If you’re a single dad or even if you’re single and you have this constant feeling of taking all of the responsibilities in the relationship, that’s a red flag that you have to notice.

This will be a stressful relationship for you as you already have obligations towards your children. Besides, you are looking for a life partner that will help you in your life endeavors and of course, you’re willing to help and support her too. That’s the art of give and take that should be present in every relationship.

How will you know if this woman is a team player? If she is disciplined enough to at least offer sharing the payment for your dinner date or agrees you pay the dinner and she pays the cinema ticket, there’s a big chance that she’s a team player. When you’re around her, you don’t have to feel used or taken advantage of if she knows her responsibilities and roles.


  1. The woman you can’t live without

She must be the woman you really want to spend this lifetime with and that she is worthy to be the woman that’s going to stand by you no matter what. Her love makes you feel at home. That being said simply means that this woman must be somebody you love and cherish.

It must be a very difficult journey to find the woman who would sign up for everything that you are. Trust me. She will someday come and complete that missing piece you’ve always wanted to fill in you. With the right woman, you can be more than anything but complete.

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How to Apply for a Single Father Aid

Being a single father is a hard yet noble thing to do. It takes a special kind of character in order to be a single parent due to its demands both physically and financially. Physically, balancing your career and being with your child is a tasking thing to do while financially, the pressure of sustaining your child alone is something that not all people can handle. With that said, being a single father really is not for everyone.

single dad

Although statistics are pointing out that there are still more single mothers than fathers, the number of single fathers are raising really fast proving that times are changing and the perception of parenthood is closing in to equilibrium. A few years back, most of single parent aids target single mothers, however, many organizations are now recognizing the rising number of single fathers thus opening these aids for them also.

Single father assistance can come in different forms such as medical insurance, housing, food, daycare, and more.



If you are interested in a housing aid, you may visit the website of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development where you could find rental assistance offers. As stated, there are different ways to apply depending on the property you want to rent. For a privately owned subsidized housing, you may apply at the apartment office while for a public housing you may apply by contacting a public house agency.



For food assistance, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP offer a debit card that is loaded weekly that can be used for restaurants and participating groceries. For eligibility requirements, you may visit the website of the program where you can also apply. Eligibility requirements will include information about your earnings, bills, and more documents to determine your financial status.



Daycare is one of the additional expenses that you would need to worry about if you are a single father. Balancing your time is an important aspect of being a single parent which is why numerous daycare programs are there for you. The Department of Health and Human Services has numerous public assistance programs per state that you can apply for. single parent family


Other Financial Assistance

Aside from these need-specific aids, you may also apply for aids such as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF. This program is meant to support children, with a single parent, through financial assistance. TANF has numerous eligibility requirements that you can see in their website before you can apply. After completing all the eligibility requirements, you may head on to your local DFCS office (Division of Family and Children Services) where you can file your application.

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The Advantages Of Using A Budget Penis Pump

best budget pennis pump

Using a budget penis pump may benefit men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) and may also help prevent men from developing ED by preserving excellent penis health, which, in turn, improves the quality of erections and strength of orgasms.

According to an online resource guide malesexualbigger, using a penis pump to treat ED may be useful when medication and surgical interventions don’t work or can’t be used because of safety reasons.

What exactly do Penis Pumps do?

Penis pumps create a vacuum that raises penile thickness (or girth) by expanding the volume of the corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue which retains blood to produce an erection, in addition to increasing the blood flow to the penis.

Additionally, it lengthens the penis by stretching the suspensory ligament, which makes it more elastic and allowing the penis to grow longer during an erection. Using a penis pump can lessen the risk of formation of cavernosal fibrosis (abnormal fibrous tissue in the penis) which may cause ED. (Yuan 2010)

Why should I use one?

The expression “use it or lose it” is accurate and the penis has to be exercised to keep it functioning correctly. Standard use of a penis pump may stop or decrease the prevalence of ED developing.

Penis pumps are advantageous in assisting the vast majority of guys to get an erection suitable for sex. Frequently, a complete erection isn’t necessary to achieve sexual intercourse.

Penis pumps have fewer side effects than other treatments. The dangers of side effects or complications are far lower than the ones of medication and surgery. Sometimes, slight bruising can occur across the base of the pump in which it’s pressed against your body, but this sensation disappears over time as you’re used to using it every day.

After the first payment, using a penis pump is a lot cheaper than buying medication.

Penis pumps are entirely non-invasive and don’t have lasting side effects, unlike surgical treatments, injections or drugs.

Using a combination of treatments like a penis pump along with drugs or injections to treat ED generates the best results.

Who will use a penis pump?

Penis pumps are safe for men who have weak blood flow to the penis, diabetes, surgery for prostate or colon cancer and psychological conditions like anxiety or depression, but aren’t recommended for those who have any of the following ailments:

Sickle cell anaemia. Some kinds of leukaemia or any blood disorder that makes you vulnerable to bleeding or blood clots.

if you take any medicine to thin your blood like warfarin, heparin, and a few over the counter pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen.

You suffer from priapism where the penis remains erect for a prolonged period causing pain and discomfort.

Adverse Effects of using a Penis Pump

Many guys who were counselled to use a penis pump with their urologist report that they have few side effects, but you have to bear in mind that some guys do experience unwanted side effects, frequently linked to the incorrect use of this pump.

Pain or bruising

Pain or bruising in the base of the shaft of the penis is painless and usually occurs after the initial few days of use. It may happen whether the pump is incorrectly positioned. It will take some time and patience to understand how to use a penis pump properly but once mastered, the procedure gets simpler. You might want to shave around your pubic area to attain an excellent seal at the base of the pump.

How does a penis pump assist me?

Using a penis pump won’t cure ED but has the potential to produce the penis sufficiently firm enough to have sexual intercourse.

Standard use of a penis pump improves oxygenation of penile tissues, enhances blood circulation and prevents the formation of cavernosal fibrosis, all of which boost the odds of sustaining erectile function, penis girth and length along with improving the quality and amount of erections (Dalkin et al 2007).

Most guys who often use penis pumps undergo more pronounced growth in the girth of the penis than at the duration of their manhood, which most women are far more significant for sexual stimulation compared to overall length. Additionally, it provides increased sexual pleasure for your partner also.

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Things Kids Want Their Parents to Know About Post-Divorce

Asking a child in the midst of a divorce will most often give you the wrong response. During such difficult times, they will feel stuck in between and be forced to hide in their shell.

However, as adults, those same children will usually have a lot to say about what they felt and how they handled the divorce.

Despite the tough times that come with a divorce, having to split homes and holidays will mean different things to everything. That is why we’re here to help parents understand what children of divorce wished their parents know – even if they might not be able to tell you.

Here are things kids want their parents to know post-divorce.

You didn’t fail as a parent

While this may be the opposite of how kids act during the process, a failed marriage does not mean your skills as a parent is broken.

Children don’t view the divorce as the parent’s fault but rather the changes that will affect them that makes it all the more harder to accept.

Understand their behavioral issues

Some, if not, most children to start to act out in an effect to gain attention and try to bring back the environment they once had.

To move on suddenly from a secure home to a devastating two-home environment, this will cause many to feel withdrawn from their parents and avoid getting hurt.

Children who suddenly become distant and retreat to their own interests may do anything to keep themselves from admitting their problems.

Some may even act out because their parents are also trying to adjust to the new lifestyle changes. As a result, children will begin to misbehave and hope that their behavior will force their parents to get back together and give them the attention they seek.

They feel overwhelmed with loss

Losing a parent to a divorce is a traumatic experience. Some may even compare it to losing a parent to death as some leave for long periods of time.

Get more about custody rights.

Many may also feel loss because one parent is no longer in their lives as much as they once were. That is why is it important for parents to find a common ground and better solutions that will work for both parents and children.

They hate to see their parents fight

Children love their parents. So making arguments and talking down to each other in front of your children will only show your child that you don’t respect the other parent.

In their minds, you will only be making the difficult situation more unbearable to live with. Fighting will only lead to fewer visits and more excuses for children to not want to see or talk to their parents.

Kids want your support

Children find it hard to communicate under stressful situations as they get older. That is why it is crucial for parents to listen to what their child has to say without opening their mouths.

When your child wants to share the rare moment of their feelings, take it as it is and listens.

They still need a routine

Despite the new lifestyles, homes, and behaviors, children will need to develop routines that will downplay the absence of their missing parent.

For example, if you are going through a divorce, choose to enroll your child in activities they enjoy or try new hobbies to learn. These newfound interests will keep them occupied during the major changes. More stories here.

It is important to make it clear that you keep an effort with your kids throughout the entire process. Parents will need to support their children and minimize their absence to help build a strong bond.

Things Kids Want Their Parents Know Post-Divorce
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What are Your Child Custody Rights as a Father?

Child custody rights usually favor mothers simply because they are perceived as better caretakers of their children than fathers. However, this belief has been contested by many fathers who think they are equally capable of raising their children. In fact, the courts have gradually recognized that fathers, too, deserve custody rights over their children.

How the family courts decide

The courts decide custody rights according to the best interest of the child. The following factors are considered by the courts:

  • The physical and mental ability of the parents to take care of the child
  • Who makes the decisions involving the child
  • Who helps the child in his or her daily activities
  • Who has better finances to provide for the child’s needs

What are the types of child custody?

Legal custody gives you the right to be the main decision-maker for your child. In this type of custody, you have the final say about the health care, schooling, and other important aspects of raising your child.

On the other hand, physical custody allows you to have your child live with you. You can get both legal and physical rights in either sole or joint custody. Sole custody gives both legal and physical rights to only one parent. In contrast, joint custody allows both parents to share decisions regarding their children’s upbringing.

What causes a dad to lose his custody rights?

If you failed to get sole custody and if, for some reasons, you missed paying child support, these are not enough reasons for you to be deprived of your custody rights over your child.

Remember, you do not pay a fee for seeing your child. But, if you have caused harm to your child or to your ex-spouse, chances are you will lose your custody rights permanently. This may be reversed if the courts rule otherwise.

Children of divorced parents have to live with the trauma caused by the separation of their parents. Thus, their best interest must be served, regardless of who gains the custody.

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How to Care for Your Child’s Emotional Health: A Guide for Solo Fathers

You always want your children to be happy. Of course, who doesn’t? But sometimes, you cannot help wondering if your child is really doing fine under your care.

How to detect emotional development problems

In infants, resisting their parent’s attempts to soothe them and inability to calm down are signs of emotional difficulty. Toddlers with emotional development problems are very irritable and often have tantrums.

They don’t want to be separated from their parents, and they get very upset when it happens. For children of preschool age with emotional problems, they display shyness in new or different situations, hurt themselves and other people on purpose, and have low self-esteem.

What are the signs of emotional development problems?

If your child shows most of the difficulties associated with poor emotional development, then your child needs your understanding and help in coping with the difficulties. Learn about custody rights here.

Definitely, you don’t want to see your child suffering for a long time. Here are some things you can do to guide your child through his or her emotional struggle.

  • Practice daily routines at home so that your child feels secure, knowing that the world is predictable. For example, have your child eat dinner at a certain hour every night. Or you can tuck him to bed after he drinks his milk. As a result, your child will learn to trust you, knowing that you will always be there to meet his or her needs.
  • Spend some quality time with your child. Bonding with your child by reading him story books before bedtime, watching TV together, and going for a walk in the park.
  • Help and allow your child to recognize his feelings. If your child is angry or frustrated, try not to get mad. Always let your child know that you understand his feelings.

Children with good emotional health are likely to do better in school and have good family relationships than those with emotional problems. When children with poor emotional health reach adulthood, they are likely to have poor relationships with their own families and develop mental problems, as well as serious diseases.

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Temporary Child Custody: What Every Divorced Father Needs to Know

Temporary child custody refers to a short-term arrangement that enables parents to ensure that their child is well taken care of while the final custody has not been decided yet.

As with other types of custody, temporary custody allows the custodial parent to make decisions about everything that involves the child. The person given a temporary custody of a child may decide on the child’s schooling, healthcare, and welfare.

Why is temporary custody necessary?

Finalizing a divorce can take months or even years, so rules are needed regarding the upbringing of the child. Temporary custody, which indicates when each parent can take care of the child, prevents one of the parents from running off with the child or denying the other parent access to the child.

It also ensures stability between the parents during the divorce process. Both parents are authorized to decide alone on behalf of the children if no custody order was given when they separated.

What is the process involved?

A temporary custody order may be requested shortly after the divorce petition has been filed. The court grants it in a hearing that is completely separate from that for divorce. The temporary custody hearing may involve the following factors: implementing visitation, child support issues, changes in the final custody order, protection from domestic violence, issues regarding the temporary unavailability of the custodial parent, and issues pending an appeal.

How to win temporary custody of your child

Determine the factors of your case that should be focused on so that the judge will decide in your favor. It is also important to pay close attention to all the issues raised in the temporary custody proceeding.

The temporary rulings of the judge are crucial to the final decisions involving the support, visitation, and custody of the child. So if you lose temporary custody of your child, you must be prepared for the final custody proceeding.

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Before the final hearing, you need to do some things to win permanent child custody.

These include maintaining communication with your child, providing money for the child’s support, visiting your child often, and ensuring a stable and secure home environment for your child.  (Support us here)

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