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About Us

Hi, I’m Gerald Ogburn, the blog administrator here at Welcome to USA Fathers. I work with 10+ other dads in California who are fighting for their rights as fathers.

In the real world, I am a dad of a sweet and adorable kid. I lost a really great job when the company I worked for closed.  After this, I got behind on my child support because of the lack of jobs in the IT industry. I have heard of job openings, but their offices are far away from my son.

I’m trying to be a father first and stay close to my four-year-old son.  Unfortunately, I’m trying to prove to “the system” of government that my income has almost been cut in half.

I have joint managing custody of my son.  I am his Den Leader in Cub Scouts, and I work closely with his T-Ball organization.  I also take the time to try and eat lunch with him at school, take him camping, and going to the zoo.

If you’re tired of the state telling you how and when to be a parent, then get involved! Support our group, write letters, and make others aware that we are here!  Join our Facebook group.

If you have a service or skill, please let us know. We’re adding a “Network” section to this site in the next few days to allow you to advertise your products, services, and skills.