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Things To Know When Dating As A Single Father

It must be a tough decision to welcome a new partner in your life. If you are divorced, it must have been a traumatizing experience for you as it always results to stressful debate especially when it comes to the custody of your children or how you share your properties and the endless argument, the argument who should take the most blame as both of you know that you shared in the reasons why your marriage didn’t work out.

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If your marriage didn’t work the way you imagined it to be, it doesn’t mean that it will not work in another woman. There are a lot of factors why couples get a divorce. One is the partnership that is no longer working no matter how you try hard. There are differences in personalities that each of you couldn’t tolerate. If another woman can’t tolerate some of your habits, then another woman will. You just have to go and find her. Date.

If you are already dating, then that’s a good start but you should know that as a single father, it will be a different journey. There are things that you should look for in every woman of prospect you date. This is not to suggest that you should be picky in doing so. This is just to remind you that you have children to take care of and you want your next marriage to work until you and you’re partner are 70. What are those?


  1. Let her know who you really are

In the getting to know stage, take the courage to tell her what your real status is. Tell her about your kids and their cute names. When the time is right, let her know how everything’s going on with your ex-wife. Women appreciate a man who is honest and that sends her a signal that you respect her, her boundaries and her personal standards.

Don’t dare to start a relationship that is based on lies because when everything gets serious and the lies came flying right in front of her, then the relationship you had with her could crumble. It is better for you to know if the woman in front of you would sign up for your current status early on than investing feelings only to find out that she’s not really into you saving yourself from a possible heartache and frustration at least.


  1. Make sure that she is willing to take your children as her own

Your kids are forever your kids and as a dad, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are being surrounded by good people. When you have finally found that partner, make sure that she will love your children as much as she will love her own.

How will you know if she’s capable of that? You can see it randomly on the way she treats people around her especially kids. If she is compassionate and caring person towards a stranger then she can be extra compassionate and caring to the people close to her and eventually your kids will be included in the circle of her important people.


  1. She should be somebody matured

It is important that the woman you are with when you’re a single dad is a full grown woman. That means, she is matured enough to understand that as a dad, you have responsibilities and fatherly commitments. You should reach that feeling where the attention that you give your kids and the attention you give her is not a stressful competition and that your world couldn’t revolve solely for her simply because you’re trying to be a good father and her support should be on that.


  1. She must be a team player

This is a characteristic that most men in any status are looking for. If you’re a single dad or even if you’re single and you have this constant feeling of taking all of the responsibilities in the relationship, that’s a red flag that you have to notice.

This will be a stressful relationship for you as you already have obligations towards your children. Besides, you are looking for a life partner that will help you in your life endeavors and of course, you’re willing to help and support her too. That’s the art of give and take that should be present in every relationship.

How will you know if this woman is a team player? If she is disciplined enough to at least offer sharing the payment for your dinner date or agrees you pay the dinner and she pays the cinema ticket, there’s a big chance that she’s a team player. When you’re around her, you don’t have to feel used or taken advantage of if she knows her responsibilities and roles.


  1. The woman you can’t live without

She must be the woman you really want to spend this lifetime with and that she is worthy to be the woman that’s going to stand by you no matter what. Her love makes you feel at home. That being said simply means that this woman must be somebody you love and cherish.

It must be a very difficult journey to find the woman who would sign up for everything that you are. Trust me. She will someday come and complete that missing piece you’ve always wanted to fill in you. With the right woman, you can be more than anything but complete.