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We live and work in a world that has become deliberately prejudiced against fathers. This is why our group has emerged.

Welcome to USA Fathers is an online non-profit organization committed to the promotion of free and continuous exchange of information and opinions regarding the rights and responsibilities of fathers. We at USA Fathers have come together to give voice to the decent, law-abiding, loving fathers of the United States. We recognize that many fathers love their children and work really hard to provide for their needs. We also acknowledge the fact that many fathers are isolated and alienated from their children by their former partners, and by the prejudice of the family courts.

We are a new civil rights movement that advocates and pushes for a child’s right to equal access to both their fathers and mothers. We believe in the equal shared parenting, except when one parent has been proven unfit or is a real danger to the child. We strongly believe that the family court system is unnecessarily making a nation of fatherless children and childless fathers. This is just unfair.

We are dedicated to peaceful protest to bring our grievances and plight before the eyes of the media and the public. We are forming a “Dads’ Army” to achieve these objectives. We will pressure the system, if needed, to fight for legislative change to ensure that our children will be given the opportunity to grow up with and be raised by their fathers.

If your views are aligned with ours, please join us in our advocacy! Contact us at to learn how you can support this worthwhile cause.